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Trends of 2021

Interior & Build Trends of 2021

Home Office

It’s no surprise that we rank a home office as the number one trend. Since March 2020 employers have been forced to adopt work from home practices. In April 2020 46.6% of all people in employment worked at home [source: Office For National Statistics] . Employers have realised productive remote working is achievable with a potential to save huge sums and have decided to make the move permanent. With 74% of businesses planning on maintaining the increase in working from home, it’s no surprise that home offices are being made a priority [source: BBC].

Spare bedrooms are ideal to adopt as a home office to keep costs down, but many homeowners are utilizing wasted space in their garden to create a home office. Building your own home office doesn’t need to cost a small fortune and better yet, most can be built under permitted developments which can save you thousands on fees. Take a look at our Building Under Permitted Developments blog for more information.

Adaptable Spaces

Open plan living has been a trend for a number of years and it doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon! But there is a variation in the trend as homeowners are looking for flexibility to adapt the space to utilize it best for each occasion, such as bifold/sliding doors and walls.

The lack of activities available during 2020 lockdowns has opened peoples’ eyes to the importance of having a house that suits your needs, whether it be an open plan kitchen / diner for better family living, a dedicated office space, or complete open plan living to host friends and family (when allowed).

Indoor / Outdoor Living

Outdoor space has become more important than ever and it has never been more apparent. According to the charity Mind, spending time in green space or bringing nature into your everyday lift can benefit your mental and physical wellbeing, including: improving your mood, reduce feeling of stress or anger, feeling more relaxed, improved self-esteem to name but a few. With this in mind (no pun intended) it’s no surprise that outdoor / indoor living is riding high in the list of trends. 

Bifold doors have been one of the most common ways to bring the outdoors in along with installing skylights / roof windows. But there are other way to bring the outdoors in, including flush floor finishes from house to patio and matching flooring, as well adding the more subtle options such as indoor plants and nature inspired decor which leads us to our next trend.

Nature Inspired Decor

Up until now grey has dominated trends in recent years but this year, nature inspired colour palettes and décor are stealing the show. Natural theme décor including dark green walls, dried and fresh flowers, indoor plants are just some of the popular interior trends which ties in nicely with the indoor / outdoor feel which homeowners have come to love.

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